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Questions and answers

General Questions

At what age can I play games at online casinos?
It depends on where you live. Each country operates its own legislation and has age limits for gambling at online casinos, but on average, it is between 18 and 21 years old. If you are not sure if you are acting within the law, it is best to check the legal age for gambling in the country you are a citizen of.
How to register at an online casino?
The registration button is usually located in the upper right corner of the main page of the online casino. You will only need to specify and confirm the e-mail and create a password. Please note that at the registration stage only some of the data is often requested. During the first withdrawal some online casino operators may ask for scanned copies of your documents, bank card from which the deposit was made, as well as proof of address through utility bill receipts, etc.
How to play online casino games?
It is necessary to register on the website of the selected online casino and then choose whether you want to play for real money or would like to try the slot using virtual money. To play for real money, you must first make a deposit, only after that you can proceed to the game. Pay attention to the fact that many online casino operators set the wagering, which is the minimum amount of bets you have to make before withdrawing funds to the card. As a rule, such amount of bets is calculated by the formula deposit x 3. This is done to prevent violations of AML policies.
When can I withdraw my bonus money?
First of all, when you fulfill all the conditions of the bonus. Some casinos set a time limit that must be met in order to receive bonus money. Others require a few real money deposits, followed by wagering a certain amount of bets, before they will allow you to receive the bonus money. Before registering, read the terms of withdrawal and the requirements for receiving the bonus.
Are there any restrictions on the withdrawal of funds?
Restrictions can be daily, weekly or monthly. There is a limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn from your account at one time. Some casinos may offer exclusive withdrawal terms for VIP members. Withdrawal fees may be charged on the amount paid. As a rule, it does not exceed 1-5%, and in many online casinos, there are no fees at all.

Games, requirements and random number generators.

What types of games are available?
As a rule, in online casinos you will find all the classic games that exist in real casinos, as well as some variations of slots that are exclusive: extra bonus lines, prizes. Online slots can provide players with a greater likelihood of winning and a more exciting gameplay experience. For example, playing at multiple tables of poker or roulette with multiple balls. In addition, you will find hundreds of online slot machines (slots) and the opportunity to participate in progressive (cumulative) jackpots and live dealer games. You can try many of these games for free on the Tuman platform under Free Slots.
How do progressive (cumulative) jackpots work?
Progressive jackpots give players a chance to win a huge cash prize. A small percentage of each player's bet contributes to the total jackpot, which will be paid out to one or more lucky players.
What is the payout percentage?
The payout percentage is the indicator according to which the winnings are paid out in slots. The higher it is, the higher is the probability of winning. Payout percentage is calculated as a ratio of the sum of winnings to the sum of real money bets. A good payout ratio is considered to be 95% or higher. All licensed game providers are obliged to publish payout indicators regularly.
How to increase the chances of winning at the casino?
To increase your chances of winning, choose the slot with the highest payout percentage. The most profitable games for gamblers are those that offer the best odds and can be improved with skill or strategy. For this reason, roulette is considered one of them. A simple bet on a single outcome has a 50/50 chance of success, as well as 1 other possible option - zeros. Other games with a high percentage of winnings are blackjack and poker. These common card games are easy to learn and allow the most experienced players to get the biggest rewards.
Are the maximum betting amounts limited?
Yes, all casinos set a maximum bet size. The reason why online casinos impose a top level betting limit is to protect yourself from losses.
What is the difference between live dealer games?
Games with a live dealer transfer the atmosphere of a real casino the best. The dealer in real time leads the game, communicates with the players. Then, the effect of full presence is achieved thanks to the use of multi-camera live broadcast mode. The online casino offers the same games as in a regular casino: roulette, baccarat, Caribbean poker, hold'em, blackjack, and others.
What is a random number generator (RNG)?
A random number generator is an algorithm that randomly selects a number from a given range based on dynamic data. This allows you to determine the outcome of the game, based on the theory of probability without any intervention, balancing the odds of winning. The use of the RNG is mandatory for all licensed casinos, guaranteeing non-interference control of the outcome of the gaming session.


Is it safe to make a deposit at an online casino?
There are several criteria that can help determine if it is safe to play at a particular online casino. One is a license from a recognized gambling authority, such as the Dutch jurisdiction of Curacao or Malta. The second is the presence of player reviews on popular listings. If the casino has a license or guarantor and players leave positive reviews, it is safe to make a deposit.
What are the requirements for minimum rates and deposits?
Each casino has a minimum deposit and rate. The minimum deposit is usually set, depending on the acquiring requirements. On average, the minimum deposit amount is $5-10. The minimum wager varies depending on the type of game and can range from a few cents to several thousand dollars in high roller games.
What kind of player behavior would be considered dangerous?
If the game at the online casino is no longer just fun for you, and if you believe that the outcome of the casino game is determined by external factors other than the odds of the game, it can be dangerous and should be stopped immediately. For example, if a roulette ball fell on red 4 times in a row, a player may bet on black, believing that because red was the result so many times, black has a higher probability of winning. In truth, the odds are always the same on every spin, regardless of what happened before.
How do I know if I'm addicted to gambling?
If you hide your gambling habit from other people, spend your last money and get into debt as a result of gambling for real money, chances are you have an addiction. Likewise, if you put off work to gamble and think about gambling 24/7, chances are your hobby has turned into a bad habit and you should seek help.
How do I help someone with a gambling addiction?
First, you should consult expert organizations. They exist specifically to combat gambling addiction around the world. In the UK, GamCare offers free support and advice to those who cannot stop gambling online, as well as their friends and family. BeGambleAware also offers free advice for those suffering from gambling addiction. In the U.S., the National Council on Gambling Problems (NCPG) offers free and anonymous counseling to help people overcome addictions.

Bonuses, loyalty systems and rewards.

What is a Welcome bonus?
Welcome bonus is a motivational tool offered by a casino in order to attract new users. Usually, it is presented as a cash reward or free spins. To receive a welcome bonus package, usually, you must make a deposit. Some casinos also have no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. To withdraw the received welcome bonuses, it is necessary to meet the conditions of wagering.
What is a no deposit bonus?
This is a bonus that can be obtained without depositing your own funds. A no deposit bonus is usually smaller than offers that require a deposit. If you're new to online casinos or just want to dive into the world of online casinos without risking your own finances, a no deposit bonus is a great way to try your luck. As a result of playing with bonus funds, you can also win real money by fulfilling the conditions for their withdrawal.
How do I become a member of the loyalty program?
When you register an account at an online casino, you get the opportunity to become a member of the loyalty program. Some online casinos only require you to register, while others require you to additionally confirm your participation in the appropriate section. Your status in the loyalty program will be determined by the number of real money bets.
What rewards can I expect?
Lower level participants will be offered rewards such as free spins. At the highest level of the loyalty program, players receive cashback on both loss and winnings, as well as invitations to participate in exclusive tournaments.
What is the advantage of online casinos compared to real establishments?
Due to the reduced costs of the casino operator when using online tools, there is an opportunity to significantly increase the number and size of bonuses for players. For example, in a regular casino you will rarely be able to get a welcome package that includes +200% to your deposit and up to 300 free spins. While online platforms often offer such generous bonuses. Moreover, the wagering conditions here are also more loyal.

Deposits and Payouts

What payment methods are available for making a deposit?
Each casino offers available payment methods on a case-by-case basis, depending on the player's geolocation. Debit and credit cards are widely accepted at most modern online casinos. Various e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are also available. The page of each of the casinos listed in the Tuman project contains detailed information about the available deposit methods, depending on geolocation.
How quickly the casino withdraws funds?
Often the period of withdrawal depends on the payment method. Withdrawals to bank cards take from 15 minutes to 5 business days. Withdrawals to e-wallets generally take 5-30 minutes after your request is approved, but often a small fee is charged on such transactions. Casinos will also insist on using the same deposit and withdrawal method.
Can I track my deposits and withdrawals?
Your casino account will store all transaction history, including deposits and withdrawals, as well as the results of gaming sessions. Also, in online banking you will be able to track all movements on your credit or debit card account. Electronic wallets also provide such an opportunity.

Software and Technology

Do I need to use the latest phone models?
If your device allows you to provide a smooth surfing experience with your web browser on the Internet, it is likely that the online casino website will also work correctly.
Can I play on my Mac?
Yes, it is possible. If online gambling is legal in your country of residence and you act within the law, you can use Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome or any other web browser to access casino sites to play for real money, including on a Mac.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet?
You will need an active Internet connection to be able to participate in real-money online games. Either by connecting to an available Wi-Fi network or by using your mobile Internet traffic on your smartphone.


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