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Vikings Go Berzerk

Go back in time and sail the seas with a crew of cutthroat Vikings in Vikings Go Berzerk, just keep an eye out for the seductive Sirens. This historical slot comes with great gameplay, high volatility and an RTP of 96.10%.
Return to player 96.10%
Games Slots
Game Providers Yggdrasil Gaming
Popularity medium
Winning lines 25
Available on icon-device icon-device icon-device icon-device
icon-device icon-device icon-device icon-device
Ranking 8.95
Game info
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Configurable Winlines
  • Gambling Feature
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay Game
  • Quickspin Feature
  • Game Features
Yggdrasil Gaming
Yggdrasil Gaming
Games 87
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Vikings Go Berzerk review

Theme and Storyline

Vikings Go Berzerk is set in the world of woad covered warriors and longship captains roving the North Sea and occasionally being set upon by vampire fanged mermaids known as sirens. After an opening cinematic in which statues of Vikings appear to be engaged in a pitched naval battle with these sirens, you begin the main game and are launched into the search for gold.

Like pirates and the California gold rush, Vikings are a natural place to go for a historical slot. They present plenty of opportunities for fun characters (there are four cartoonish Vikings in your crew) all of whom are as set upon gaining gold as you are.

Vikings Go Berzerk Visuals
Vikings Go Berzerk slot has very high-def visuals

Graphics, Sounds and Animations

Yggdrasil Gaming has taken the theme pretty literally. Apart from the sirens who only appear during free spins, you have your four crew members as symbols and coins in gold, silver, iron and copper.

These are all well drawn and come with varied 3D animations for their win states and separate berzerk animations (see below for details).

Vikings Go Berzerk top symbol win
Example of a simple win with the top symbol of the game

The music is a pleasant old fashioned orchestral score that does excellent justice to the setting.

Overall the design side of things is a real joy to look at, listen to and play with.


The main game is a fairly straightforward twenty-five win line, five reel slot.

Most of the features in the game are best reviewed in the Wilds and Bonuses section below, but it is enough to say here that the features ensure the game doesn’t get dull. Unfortunately, they can be quite few and far between so the gameplay does rely heavily on the design aspects to prevent it from becoming too repetitive.

Wilds, Bonuses and Free Spins

These features though are a lot of fun.

The simplest bonus is the Treasure Chest symbols. The Treasure Chest provides five randomised gifts to the player of which the player can choose one to keep. It only appears only on reel four.

The Treasure Chest’s ramped up cousin, the Golden Treasure Chest does the same but draws from a much richer pool of randomised gifts. The gifts in the Base Game are 7-21 free spins or 50-1000 coins for the Treasure Chest. On the other hand, the Golden treasure chest offers five random gifts from 250-10,000 coins, 7-21 free spins, Ragnarok free spins, and Rage Boost.

Vikings Go Berzerk Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest bonus from reel 4

You can win seven free spins by charging up the rage metre for a given Viking. There are four Vikings, each of which will gain rage when you win with them.

During the free spins, the winning Viking is in Berzerk mode which allows them to always defeat the Siren. Defeating the siren makes every Viking in Berzerk mode become a fixed Wild for the rest of the free spins.

If you manage to gain full rage meter with more than one Viking at the same time you will receive 7 free spins for each Viking Berzerk mode, but they won't play out at the same time. The only exception to this rule is in case of the Ragnarok free spins. That's when all 4 Vikings turn into the Berzerk mode at the same time and you have the best chance for a spectacular win.

Vikings Go Berzerk rage bonuses
Explanation of rage meter and bonuses in Vikings Go Berzerk slot

Alternatively, free spins can be won with the Free Spin symbol. Seven free spins for three symbols, fourteen for four symbols and twenty-one for five Free Spin symbols.

During free spins which are won with symbols rather than rage mode, you also win a randomly assigned "Bonus". There are five possible Bonuses: all the Vikings can be in berzerk mode, you can win one randomly placed stick wild, an entire reel of sticky wilds, 1 to 3 extra free spins or else you can win a mix of 5 Treasure Chests and Gold Treasure Chests.

Vikings Go Berzerk free spins bonuses
Explanation of free spins bonus in Vikings Go Berzerk slot

There is also a Wild symbol that subs in for all symbols except the Free Spin or Treasure Chest symbols.

Bet Sizes, RTP and Variance

Vikings Go Berserk is a very high volatility game in which the main game pays out small amounts and rarely. You really need to hit one of the bonuses (ideally Free Spins with all the Vikings Berzerk) to turn a profit.

The return to player is 96.10% which is very middle of the pack.

Vikings Go Berzerk low symbols paytable
Low symbols paytable
Vikings Go Berzerk top symbols paytable
High symbols paytable in Vikings Go Berzerk


Vikings Go Berzerk is a really great slot at the design level. It is great to look at, fun to play and has some imaginative and varied bonus features.

Its high volatility plays well with some of our preferred strategies. Only the mid-range return to player is less than truly stellar.

We can strongly recommend this slot.

Gameplay video


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