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Arish: The history of the first Lineage game server in the IGaming vertical with x1 rates

Welcome to the Arish gaming server in the game Lineage 2! This server is created specifically for those who work in the IGaming industry and are looking for an interesting and challenging experience in the world of Lineage 2! On the Arish server, you will find the classic game mode with x1 rates, which will allow you to enjoy a meticulously crafted game world and battle system without losing the hardcore effect! But the Arish server offers not only the classic aspects of playing Lineage 2, but also unique opportunities for the IGaming industry. We introduce the location of Edem, which is hidden from most players, where representatives of different communities can advertise their own brands through special NPCs. Thus, on the Arish server, you can get a unique gaming experience in Lineage 2, enjoy a hardcore gaming system, and also have the opportunity to advertise your brand within the game. We invite you to join our community and become part of a unique gaming world created specifically for hardcore gamers and representatives of IGaming. Welcome to the Arish server in Lineage 2!


Open Beta Test 14 april - 21 april .

Official Start 21 april .



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