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Games in the online casino

So, what are the games available at online casinos? They are usually divided into more and less popular ones. We won't follow a chronology of familiarity, but simply tell you what's available at online casinos.

Games in the online casino

Let's start with the slots

Slots are the most popular form of gambling at online casinos. They are created by software developers, or providers. The most famous are considered to be NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming, Play'n Go and others. These companies are responsible for making sure that the drawing results are random each time the slot is run. The computer program acts on the side of the provider, and the casino only provides customers with access to the slot interface. That is to say, an honest licensed online casino cannot influence the chances of a gambler winning.

Such a scheme has allowed the largest providers to launch progressive jackpot systems. These are platforms that integrate some of the developers' machines into a single network. When you run a progressive jackpot machine at any of the world's licensed online casinos, a small amount of money is deducted from each player's bet to create a total prize pool. This money is then raffled off amongst gamers. The multi-million dollar jackpots in this case are not paid out by the casino, but by the software manufacturer.

These are the general principles of online slot machines, but it's not them that influence your odds of winning, it's the specific characteristics of the slots.

Winnings on slot machines is calculated with the help of a random number generator. This is a computer program through which the developers and manages to make unpredictable outcome of the rotation of drums. The random number generator continuously makes calculations, even if no one is playing the machine. As soon as the player presses Spin, the RNG gives the result. On the fallen out of the numerical value depends on what characters and in what sequence will appear on the reels, and therefore - and the winnings of the player.

What is RTP

The abbreviation stands for Return to Player. This is a characteristic of how much of the money spent in the slot machine returned to the player as a result of a very long session. Formally, if RTP machine fixed at 95%, then having made bets for 100 dollars, the player has to win 95 dollars.

However, RTP - a statistical indicator that works only on large numbers, and therefore does not contradict the very principle of gambling. A gambler can run a slot machine and win huge money after the first spin or remain winless for a long time. Nevertheless, the higher the RTP, the better for the player. Modern slots have returns of up to 99%. Indicator 97-98% is considered high, around 96% - average, and less than 95% - low.

Demo mode

Being able to play new slots for free helps players make a choice. After all, you can't tell from the name, the promotional images or even the video whether or not you'll be interested in the game. Only after you run the slot yourself, you will have an opinion. And it will not necessarily coincide with the opinion of most other players. If it weren't for the test mode, you'd have to spend money on every novelty.

An important factor in how a player is impressed with a slot is the dispersion. It tells you how tight the payouts will be and how big they can be. Some developers do not specify this important indicator. And sometimes the definition of "medium" or "high" dispersion does not say much. So you need to get a feel for it yourself by running the new slot machines in demo mode.

Not only can you test the latest releases, but you can also just play them for free. If you are satisfied with the game without the possibility of winning real money, you don't even have to risk it. You are free to run the demo game without any restrictions.

Card and board games

Experts estimate that by adding table games to their software, the young online casino resource is attracting new customers and retaining old ones. At the same time, the original target audience changes. Multiplayer table games are popular among players who want to interact with others, that is, those in whom the competitive spirit is strong.

Now let's talk about the so-called skill-based games. These are card games and board games.


More than a hundred articles have been written about poker, including some of our own. Online poker and its variants occupy one of the first places in popularity in online casinos. The best known form of poker is Hold'em. The essence of the game is to put together a winning combination by matching two cards in hand and five on the desk.


Blackjack is a real old-time casino game, both offline and online. A very simple game, which at first glance doesn't seem to require any skills, but it doesn't. It's important to count your cards in a live casino and be able to control your emotions. The point of the game is to collect more points than the dealer. More on blackjack here.


Roulette and its varieties are among the most elite of the classic casino games. There may not be a pattern here, but that's not entirely true. The right strategy, and again, self-control, can help you win. The essence of the game is to guess where the roulette ball will stop. The odds are usually 2 to 1, but it depends on the type of bet and the type of game.

So, the benefits of table games are:

  • direct communication with other players;
  • traditional games with well-known rules;
  • competitive spirit;
  • a chance to show off their intellect;
  • running tournaments.

The disadvantages of these games include:

  • the need to interact with the opponent;
  • significant emotional burden;
  • lack of jackpots;
  • playing by strict rules;
  • lack of themes and colourful designs in the game.

It should be understood that both merits and demerits are subjective.



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