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Online sports betting for the first time

How to bet on sports? A difficult question for novice punters. A bet based on sound analysis can bring in hundreds of percent profit in just a few minutes. The first important step is to choose the right bookmaker. Don't be in a hurry to decide on a bookmaker. You must read the bookmaker ranking beforehand.

Online sports betting for the first time

There are many types of sports betting, which are classified according to different criteria. On the one hand, bets are categorised into singles, spreads and systems. On the other hand, bets are classified according to the outcome: winner, double odds, total, handicap, exact score and so on.

According to the timing of the transactions, there are pre-match and live bets. The former are placed before the event, the latter during the match.

Before you make your first bet, you should know what they are.

Single bet

A single bet is a bet on the outcome or outcomes of a single sporting event, such as a football match. There are three possibilities for a single bet: a win, a loss, a return (also known as an expense).

A single can be a double. It is a bet that combines two unrelated outcomes in the same match, such as a home win and a total over. Or a win for the visitors and a bet on both teams to score.

A single bet can be placed on any market in play or pre-match, or on long-term events such as a championship. Winning with a handicap, double odds, yellow card totals, the defeat of a clear favourite - these are all single bets.


A parlay is a type of bet that involves combining several outcomes from different events whose odds are multiplied. If one bet fails, the whole express loses, even if the other bets are successful.


A system is a combination bet consisting of expresses. Unlike an ordinary express, a system can win even if the individual choices in the combination are lost.

The main characteristic of a system is its dimension. It is written in two numbers. For example, "3 of 4". It means that the system consists of 4 choices, which are combined into expresses of 3 choices each. That is, there will be 4 combinations, and at least 3 choices must win for the whole system to win. The betting amount is split equally among all possible combinations in the system.

Outcome betting

A bet on the outcome of a match is a bet directly on the result. It is probably the most popular bet in betting shops and does not require any special knowledge: either a win for one of the opponents (a team or an athlete), or a draw in a match.

The 1x2 outcome is the designation of a bet on a win in the bookmaker's line. It is also referred to as a main outcome bet.

In some sports a draw is not possible (e.g. in tennis) and in that case a bookmaker offers a 2 outcome betting line: in that case you can only choose a victory of one or the other opponent.

The bookmakers also offer a win 2 outcome when the match must be won, e.g. according to the rules of a tournament.


To understand how to bet successfully on sports, there are some general rules that a beginner should follow:

You have to accept the fact that the money is already gone. Be ahead of the game and define your limits. Know what you are prepared to lose. You will have to put in a lot of intellectual effort and get hot on your heels if you are really set on winning bets. Yes, you read that right - the key word here is brain work.

Emotions are your worst enemy. There are thousands of stories of players losing their deposits because of emotional betting. For example, you bet on team 1 to win. Then, after seeing them lose, you kick yourself and place another live bet on team 2 to break the slump. Finally, team 1 wins, but you're already down. The most ridiculous bets are made in the heat of the moment of an easy win or a hard loss.

Don't bet everything at stake. Set a maximum betting limit of 1-5% of your deposit and never exceed it.

Set your weekly betting limit. What do you need it for? Based on past experience, I can tell you that people tend to chase their losses all at once. Following this rule will help you avoid some stupid and hasty decisions that will lead to bankruptcy.

Make a list of your own rules. Rules that should not be broken under any circumstances. Analyse the game. Update the list after every loss. Don't give in to emotions. Always remind yourself that every time you break your own rules, you are getting closer to bankruptcy.

Which sport to choose

There is no one sport that is sure to be profitable. So we will give some general tips:

Don't be fooled by high odds;

Choose events with familiar teams;

Ignore the minor leagues and tournaments;

Make simple bets.

Despite the recommendation to choose a popular sport, don't get attached to it. If you know cricket or volleyball, get better at betting on them, especially since you can often find higher odds options in lesser-known disciplines.

To avoid the common problem of gambling addiction, follow these guidelines:

Don't see gambling in a betting shop as your main way of making money;

When choosing a sports betting strategy, set a strict limit on the number of bets or money spent per day, week, or month;

Do not try to win back in any way if a few bets turned out to be unsuccessful;

At the first symptoms of addiction, don't hesitate to seek help from loved ones or professionals.

Any expert in betting was once a novice gambler. The main task at the initial stage is not to incur critical financial losses and not to fall ill with gambling addiction. With experience you will be able to develop your own style, choose the most profitable strategy, learn how to bet with a cool head.


Assess the risks. Making money in betting is difficult, it's something you have to learn.

Start betting without using any real money - through guest accounts or notes in a notebook. It may not seem like a big deal, but it will help you assess your options.

When moving on to real-money betting, allocate an amount that you won't be sorry to lose. Test different strategies. If you have spent all your money, but have not developed a successful strategy, stop.

The most important thing is to never forget that life without stakes exists. Don't bet on family, children, parents, friends. These people will always support you, even if you suffer a setback, be there for you and help you through any difficulties.



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