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The popularity of retro gaming in video games and casinos: why retro gaming-style slots are popular

The popularity of retro gaming in video games and casinos: why retro gaming-style slots are popular

What is retrogaming?

Retro gaming (old gaming) - is a passion for games created for outdated computer systems. Usually these systems are game consoles, home computers and arcade slot machines.

Reasons why retro gaming is popular

  • History
  • Games
  • Subculture
  • Pleasure


Retro gaming is primarily a story. Old games are classics that have stuck in many hearts. Even now, when creating new games, game developers look back in an attempt to create something just as special. People playing them understand how it all started, what path video games have taken and how they have transformed over the past 25 years.


Secondly, retrogaming, despite all its simplicity in comparison with modern games, has the right to be called a game. Old games are not carried away because of their graphics or beautiful effects, but for some people, they create a relaxing atmosphere, while for others they are an opportunity to return to childhood and feel nostalgia.


Nowadays, it becomes less and less possible to meet people who have played on consoles such as the sixteen-bit Sega or Dandy, so old-school players or fans organize communities in which they talk to each other on common topics, remembering the dawn of the gaming industry.Удовольствие


The last one describing retrogaming, we chose “pleasure” for a reason. For most fans of old games, the opportunity to play a slot machine that once stood in a dusty game club, or the purchase of an old console are events. A game in a slot machine or a console overshadows all modern game projects. This pleasure of playing an old slot machine or console, which looks ridiculous against the background of new technology, cannot be compared with the pleasure of new games. Playing them, most people experience not moral enjoyment of the game, but spiritual.

Features of retrogaming:

1) No updates. The first feature of retro gaming is also the absence of any patches aimed at changing the game, which is so rare in the modern gaming industry. That is, games created in the old 2000s were created immutable (although there were certainly disadvantages in this) . You could return to them after a very long time and be sure that by launching the game again, it would greet you with the same graphics and design.

2) No bugs. Since retro games were mostly released on external media, they did not provide for changes. Therefore, the developers were faced with the task of creating a game that even a weak computer or console can perfectly reproduce. Only after many checks and corrections did the final version of the game arrive on the shelves (releasing a defective product without the ability to fix it would mean the collapse of the developer companies)

3) Lack of strict system requirements. Since the games industry was just developing at that time, games were quite primitive, so they did not require powerful advanced equipment to run them. (The old games in most cases were simple and did not load the system too much.)

4) Remakes. Of course, such interest in old video games has prompted many developers to support the trend of the revival of pixelart, so nowadays you can often find new games, but in the old theme. In recent years, remakes of old games or continuations of old stories have become quite popular. After playing the new version, players want to find out what the game was in the past, compare and feel the sensations of the "old” and the novelty.

Why is retro gaming becoming popular?

Perhaps many of you think that the reason is that people are just tired of new games, but is it really so? 


In this case, it is worth asking the question: Are we seeing a lack of modern good projects? No, that's definitely not the reason. Only in 2018-2020, a lot of high–quality projects were released - both exclusive and multiplatform. Everyone can choose their own. In addition, new consoles were introduced during the past year: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Each of the two manufacturers of consoles copes with its task to supply a new product to the gaming market. Games from third-party developers and indie studios are regularly released. It can be argued that the modern gaming reality is quite viable. And yet a lot of people yearn for games and software of ancient times. 

Logically, it is typical for people to be interested in objects from the field of retro, classics or vintage. We can give as an example clothes, cars, electronics, decor, music, movies. There is nothing to be surprised by such expressions as "old, but good." With all that said, the fashion for retro games has increased many times in recent years. One of the indicators is the sudden popularity of retro themed channels on YouTube. So where did this hype come from? Well, the games have reached their heyday, since they now have retro content.

If we consider the history of video games, the first game that became really popular was Pong for Atari, released in 1972. If we count from it, we get a time period of 45 years. Anyone who is now between 30 and 50 years old was born when the games were experiencing their rise. Why? Because they were children when the industry was gaining momentum. Then games were perceived mainly as toys. Those whose childhood and adolescence fell in the era of Atari and then the confrontation between Nintendo and SEGA are now adults. Many of them now have their own children. For such adults, games are quite understandable memories of childhood and nostalgia associated with it. They want to reconnect with their past and relive those moments when they were younger. They experience feelings associated with old games and consoles. That's the reason for the unhealthy popularity of retro games now - nostalgia. But now this does not apply to everyone. There are a huge number of fans of retro games, which were not even in the world at that time. In such cases, we are talking about children, teenagers and young people who want to find out what games and consoles their parents and older family members were fond of. And there are still those who are just wondering where the games originate from and how they turned into the complex, detailed worlds of today.

In this article we are talking about retrogaming, but if we digress from the main topic and present the big picture, then we can say that despite its development, video games still do not enjoy the same degree of respect as other forms of entertainment. When the industry was just beginning to gain popularity, games were intended mainly for children and teenagers. The current situation has undoubtedly changed. Until now, you can meet people who consider gamers to be children or overgrown. We are definitely moving away from this view, but the process is not yet complete. Although, eventually it will happen. Now the gaming industry is in the billions. After the release of Wii, Nintendo DS and Kinect for Xbox 360, many adults and even the elderly can say that they have played video games at least once in their lives. Watching the progress of the games, let's not forget how it all started – small dots running across the screen.


Retro gaming nowadays

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and the old machines also wear out and break. In the real world, consoles rather serve as antiques. What should retrogaming fans do if the desire to play an old-school console is too strong? You can't play old games by connecting them to a new device. The main problems are hardware incompatibility and software incompatibility. However, these restrictions can be circumvented. Nowadays, many gaming activities have been transferred to the Internet and old games are no exception.  

 Emulators of all kinds of game consoles can be called a small miracle — after all, players can evaluate projects that, by definition, are not designed for PCs, and sometimes there are games that worked only with their console. Nowadays, computer owners can use the library of games of almost all known consoles. (Except for some of the latest models). All console emulators have a number of similar advantages and disadvantages. They can please with the quick save function, which was sometimes so lacking on the original platform (not available on most consoles of the old generation). They allow you to significantly improve the picture due to computer graphics settings. Such emulators make it possible to easily configure control on a keyboard with a mouse or connect gamepad.

If you are not an adherent of computer graphics and playing emulators is unacceptable to you, then do not despair: you can still buy retro consoles on the Internet, as well as buy everything you need for them on sites specializing in the sale of retro games, they will help you with this (game consoles are outdated and there are many of them, so although this option is more expensive than the previous one, but you still won't spend a large amount on buying such a console)


Retro gaming in the casino industry

No matter how hard the developers of modern computer games try to surprise users with realistic graphics or incredible gameplay possibilities, new products will not make fans of such entertainment forget about Mario, Tetris, Worms and other amusements of the late twentieth century. Even the “wolf collecting chicken eggs”, people will remember longer than another amazing strategy, shooter or arcade game.Experienced users also remember the times when it was possible to play slot machines for money in any city. Now casinos operate in special gambling zones, where not everyone has the opportunity to get to. But there was an alternative. Users can play online old slot machines of the 90s on the sites.


Gambling business has been developing rapidly lately. Simultaneously with the new gambling establishments, modern gaming installations are already appearing, which, in theory, should have already supplanted the classic slots, but it was not there. The developers of online gambling software could not ignore such nostalgic moods. Periodically, companies that produce gambling slots delight fans of retro computer games with funny thematic novelties. We can safely say that today, old slot machines that were developed back in the late 90s and early 2000s are also very popular in online casinos.

Features of retrogaming style slots

The reason for the popularity of retro slots in online casinos is obvious – it lies in their simplicity. 

Despite the huge number of different slots, many players choose the retro version. There are only two reasons for that. Some players, like many adherents of retrogaming, switch to retro-style slots, because they want to feel nostalgia, go back to the days when online casinos were just beginning to develop. Other players get bored with new stylish and bright slot designs, or they don't want to understand the rules of new gambling – at such moments it is easier and wiser to switch to something simple (not annoying, if you like).

Old casino games are distinguished by a simple design and rules of the gameplay, a small number of additional functionality, and most importantly, a fairly generous percentage of returns. Also, it is worth noting that retro slots have multi-level bonus rounds and well-thought-out thematic storylines, which further adds interest to such games.

How to find a retrogaming slot that suits you

In order to find the perfect retro-style casino slot for yourself, so that it fits both your mood and your criteria, it is best to use special sites (casino catalogs). One of the convenient catalogs of the casino is the website . . A huge library of slots, along with a user-friendly interface and a convenient filter in which you can set all the criteria you are interested in, will significantly reduce the time of finding the best slot option for you.


Nowadays, there are many different games (including gambling) among which an ordinary user can get lost. At the same time, it explains why retrogaming has become popular last years. Its simplicity and clarity attracts people, making them want to go back to the past. 



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