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Work on your blackjack game in three simple steps

Blackjack is a casino game in which players have to collect cards in such a way that the sum of points is close to 21, but not more than that number. To win, players must have a better set of cards than the dealer. Although it all sounds simple, blackjack is an exciting game. The strategy, luck and risks involved have made blackjack one of the most popular gambling games in the world.

Work on your blackjack game in three simple steps

The basic rules of blackjack

Every game of blackjack starts the same way: each player must place his bet. Each game of blackjack has one to several players competing against the dealer. Each participant competes against the dealer separately, and in each hand, some players may win while others lose. To make this article easier to follow, all situations will be explained using a single player example.

Both the player and the dealer first receive two cards each from a buffet that holds a certain number of standard 52-card decks (usually one to eight decks). Both of the player's cards are exposed, while the dealer will have one card exposed and one hidden.

Scoring Blackjack

Each card is associated with a specific number of points. Numbered cards (twos to tens) are worth as many points as are printed on the card itself. For example, a seven is worth seven points. Shaped cards - jacks, queens and kings - are all worth ten points each.

Aces may be worth one or eleven points. Generally an Ace is worth eleven points, but in the case where adding eleven points will result in more than twenty-one points in the hand, the Ace is worth one point. A combination with an ace still counting for eleven points is called a soft combination. A combination in which an ace is already one point is called a hard combination. The difference is that with a soft combination there can be no overcards, no matter what additional card the player gets (if he gets an Ace, it just counts as one point, not eleven).

Blackjack and insurance

If a player gets a combination of 21 cards at the beginning (in other words, an Ace and a 10 or a shaped card), they've got Blackjack. This almost always means the contestant has won immediately. The payout for blackjack is usually 3-2, but some tables may offer a 6-5 or other non-standard payout.

Blackjack may not only be at the player's hand, but also at the dealer's. If the dealer's open card is an Ace or one for which ten points are given, the dealer checks to see if he has Blackjack. Other rules state that he does so only when the dealer's up card is an Ace. If the dealer has blackjack, the player automatically loses.

Three steps to improve your game

In the course of playing blackjack, a great deal of experience has been accumulated, which experienced players are willing to share with new players. To make the game successful, gamblers recommend:

understanding the rules of the main game and its subgames;

learning the strategy and mathematics of the entertainment;

learning to quickly recognize winning combinations;

for the game with live dealers, it is necessary to master the card counting.

Following these tips will allow the gambler to feel comfortable during the game, while saving the deposit. Blackjack card game is a great gambling pastime with simple rules. With some experience and the use of strategies it can bring not only moral satisfaction, but also a steady income.

Winners differ from losers in that they always leave the casino on a positive note. Even if they lose, they do so only within acceptable limits. Experienced gamblers never allow themselves to lose the entire bank in one session.It should be remembered that every gambler has a very important advantage - the ability to quit the game at any time. Proper use of this option will allow you to achieve great success. To be constantly in the black, you need to increase your winnings during positive streaks and reduce your losses as much as possible during negative streaks. If you stick to this algorithm, you can achieve a preponderance of winning sessions over losing ones and you will always leave the casino with only positive feelings.

Three simple steps and tips that will help to improve your game

The first

When setting your loss limit for a single session, choose up to 20 units (the maximum value here is 30 units). If the minimum bet in the game is $5, then prohibit yourself from losing more than $100. If the bet is $2 limit your loss to an amount of $40. If the minimum bet is $25, then your limit is $500. We recommend that you don't mindlessly chase the golden mountains, which will help insulate yourself from really big losses.

The second

There is no need to drastically increase the stakes in order to get out of deficit or win back. Increasing their size has no effect on the probability of winning. Your luck certainly will not change because of such actions. In fact, it is only the chances of a big loss that are increasing. Do not get yourself in a situation where losing a decent amount in one playing session makes it impossible for you to win back in subsequent sessions. Remember that even true masters cannot win all the time. If you lose - take a little rest, take a sober look at the situation, breathe some air, and then bravely win back.

The third

After several wins in a row is better to leave the game on a positive note. It is disappointing to finish the session as a loser, thinking that just 30 minutes ago you could have stopped and walked away victorious. If your winnings have become 20 units, then it is advisable to set aside half and continue playing with the remaining 10. If you lose, the casino will take the ten units from you, but you will still leave the table as a winner with the ten in your pocket.


Before you start playing blackjack, study the basic strategy thoroughly and try to stick to the bankroll management guidelines as much as possible. Only this way, through trial and error, will you gain invaluable experience and knowledge. They will help you learn how to win blackjack on a regular basis.



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