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Would anyone be able to make a living playing blackjack

Of course, it's not just in the movies. And the secret isn't just luck or strategies, which are obviously important too. The key to blackjack is card counting. We're going to talk about all that today.

Would anyone be able to make a living playing blackjack

Everyone of us has probably seen the incredible card counting procedure in Hollywood movies. And when an inexperienced gambling house customer first learns about the ability to count cards in his favourite blackjack, his first thought is that only a select few can do it. However, as it turns out later, it's not that hard, and counting cards is something practically everyone can do. So, if you've already begun learning how to count cards, the natural question is, can you really make a living playing blackjack?

Only when you've mastered basic blackjack strategy, figured out your best rules and adjusted your system to sudden changes in conditions can you really start counting cards. It's simple enough - you, like a master, need to be versatile - able to play in any situation, even when external circumstances will be against you.

The most important thing for you to do is to create the perfect playing conditions. You need to seek out the most advantageous rules and give preference to tables where only you and the dealer will be playing. The speed of the dealer matters. Do not stay in one place either - if funds allow, the size of bets need to increase.

Why does blackjack attract professional casino players?

They realise that it has several very important advantages over most other gambling games.

  • Profitability - This is blackjack's main trump card. The best versions of the game have an RTP close to 100%. Moreover, there are games in which you can gain a mathematical edge over the gambling establishment without even having to resort to card counting and other techniques. Anything else is not that important if you can beat the casino.
  • Public Accessibility - Nowadays, anyone can afford to play blackjack. Even if you don't have a legal land-based gambling club near you, you can register at an online casino. Hundreds of sites offer blackjack at minimum and very high stakes. It's easy to choose the one that's right for you.
  • Variety of versions - Whereas real gambling establishments usually have only certain variations, online casinos have hundreds of models available from well-known providers and young studios. After analyzing them, you'll be able to choose blackjacks with the most attractive rules, the betting range you need, the user-friendly interface, and other advantages.
  • Lots of educational material - Nowadays, you don't need to look for blackjack gurus or special courses to become an expert. There are plenty of books on sale by renowned masters. There are entire websites devoted to blackjack on the internet. There's also free blackjack instructional software. On you'll find a number of articles about the game.

It's also fair to point out the downsides of blackjack.

  • Difficulty - For beginners, it can be a real challenge to learn the ins and outs of blackjack. Even the rules are beyond the reach of the least able, and playing strategy, card counting and more advanced techniques is a challenge for just about everyone.
  • Monotony - Admittedly, the gameplay in this game does not shine with the variety of options available. All you have to do is decide whether or not to draw a card. Sometimes you have to double up, make splits and decide on a surrender. Playing professionally should be a strategy. It turns out that you don't even have to make a decision, but stick to the recommendations. Of course, card counting does liven things up, but that's not a technique for online casinos. In general, some casino-goers find the process boring.
  • Suspicious administration - Croupiers, pit bosses and casino security representatives are often overly suspicious of customers playing blackjack. They see them as potential counters. Sometimes it borders on paranoia. Be prepared for all sorts of trouble. Remember the movie 21.

Of course, all of the above disadvantages (if you count them as such) pale in comparison to the many really important pluses of blackjack.

How to start playing blackjack for a living?

So, to recap. If you want to get into blackjack for a living but don't know where to start, here's a general plan of action.

  • Terms - Start by learning the general concepts of blackjack. There are quite a few professional terms. You should have a clear understanding of split, surrender, double and so on. You should also be familiar with the special phrases relating to gambling in general: mathematical superiority of the casino, RTP and many others.
  • Blackjack Rules - First get familiar with the standard stipulations: what's the purpose of the game, how many points are dealt, the steps involved and so on. Move from the simple to the complex.
  • Blackjack Math - This game is all about fractions of a percent. You need to understand how certain points in the rules affect the house's advantage over the player. This will help you choose the most lucrative varieties of blackjack.
  • Basic Strategy - A strategy that every blackjack player, not just for the fun of it, must learn by heart. Without it, it's impossible to achieve decent results. However, it's not the pinnacle of skill, but only one of the first steps on the road to success.
  • Optimal Strategy - This is a variation of the basic strategy, adapted directly to the type of blackjack you've chosen. It takes into account all the specifics of the rules. A number of other factors are also taken into consideration by professionals.
  • Card Counting - In a real casino, a blackjack player simply has to count his cards. Otherwise, he won't get a mathematical edge over the establishment. Keeping an account is not always easy, as in many gambling clubs the administration strongly discourages the practice. There are different account systems. Choose the most suitable will help reviews at Tuman Project. Recall that in online Blackjack on a random number generator to count cards is almost always useless.
  • Advanced techniques like shuffle-tracking, sequencing, and dealer's card peeking are all suitable for offline casinos. Most of them are not always used. If the dealers are working the game diligently, the tricks are not effective. Fortunately for professional blackjack players, there are plenty of inexperienced and negligent croupiers in the gambling industry.


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